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Top ten places to visit in Clifton

Now we know, with so many things to do in Clifton, it is almost impossible to think of any at all. Thus, we have compiled a short list of Must Dos for you To Do when you are obliged to lead the tour...

Posted on:: 17 July 2014  |  Posted by:: Phae

Your Guide to Bristol in July

The sun is shining, hot air balloons are filling the Bristol skies and there is that delightful bbq smell all around. Get your shorts, your bike and flip flops at the ready cos July is going to be fu...

Posted on:: 26 June 2014  |  Posted by:: Steph

Hen Party in Bristol

Hen party How To guide in Bristol! This is a simple guide for hens who dont know Bristol, hens who do know Bristol but want to try something different and others who simply want the hard work done f...

Posted on:: 12 June 2014  |  Posted by:: Phae

Your guide to Bristol in June

I cant believe its June already, the time is really flying. It is an exciting time in Bristol, with festival season really kicking off. With a different festival/event taking place pretty much every...

Posted on:: 29 May 2014  |  Posted by:: Steph


HowTheLightGetsIn is the worlds largest annual philosophy and music festival offering over a hundred and fifty events, plus live performances. The event, now in its sixth year, is held at Hay-on-Wye ...

Posted on:: 23 May 2014  |  Posted by:: Steph

Your Guide to Bristol in May

Now, Ive been hearing talk of a 6 week heat wave, and indeed it may just be hearsay but I cant help but get a little excited! With that in mind, Ive come up with a few lovely things for you to do in ...

Posted on:: 9 May 2014  |  Posted by:: Steph

Eat Drink Bristol Fashion

Returning this year we have Eat Drink Bristol Fashion setting up their Tipi village in Queen Square from May 1st 18th. If you went along last year youll know what a treat this is for us, with gre...

Posted on:: 25 April 2014  |  Posted by:: Steph

Your Guide to Bristol in April

The time is flying! Look at us, already in April. There are lots of things to look forward to this month thanks to daylight savings we get to play in the sun for an hour longer (huzzah!), its half t...

Posted on:: 15 April 2014  |  Posted by:: Steph

Jessie May Trust - our charity of the year

Although we are a small business within Bristol we play a large role within the local community and we know that our actions can influence those around us. It is important to us at Clifton Hotels th...

Posted on:: 25 March 2014  |  Posted by:: Annabel

Your Guide to Bristol in March

Hello Spring! With the weather picking up and daylight finally being something all us 9-5ers out there actually get to enjoy, Ive picked some great things for you to do this month to welcome in the S...

Posted on:: 10 March 2014  |  Posted by:: Steph

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