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Jessie May Trust - our charity of the year



Although we are a small business within Bristol we play a large role within the local community and we know that our actions can influence those around us.  It is important to us at Clifton Hotels that we make a positive contribution to the community in which we operate.  With this in mind we want to give something back to the society that gives so much to us and one way we are putting this into practice is by supporting a charity each year.  


Last year our chosen charity was Friends of Alalay, a charity set up to help support the thousands of homeless children who are struggling to survive in the harsh environment of Bolivia, and we managed to raise over £800.


This year we want to do more.  This year we have decided to give back directly to the local community in Bristol by supporting a local charity, one that is almost entirely dependant on donations and public support, without which it would struggle to survive.


We are therefore very excited to announce that the Clifton Hotels Charity of the Year 2014 is the Jessie May Trust.  Our aim is to increase awareness of this hugely worthwhile local charity, as well as raising a significant amount of money to donate to help enable them to carry on the admirable work they currently do.




To be told that your child is terminally ill is one of the worst things any parent could hear. But for many parents in the Bristol area this is the tragic reality, which will change their lives forever.  The Jessie May Trust is the only charity within the Bristol and Somerset area to recognise the enormous strain that this heartbreaking news can have on affected families.  Jessie May therefore provides invaluable support to families who have a child with a limited life expectancy, by funding at-home nursing care and support for the child as well as the family.  Not only does the trust provide expert care to the child, it also gives the parents the opportunity to “take a break” from caring for their child and allows them to spend time with the rest of their family, as well as each other, as all relationships can be put under great pressure.  In addition to this at-home support, Jessie May also offers telephone support, bereavement support as well as organising fun days for all families.  So as you can see our contribution to this charity is crucial and hugely valued and with our support they will be able to carry on providing this support, as well as extending their services to more families affected.


We have been plotting for a while now and are coming up with various exciting ways for us to raise as much money as we can for Jessie May and our main fundraisers are going to consist of small- and large-scale events throughout the year.  Although nothing is set in stone yet we are about to kick things off with a clothes sale and we are also itching to tell you all about a band night we have planned…



As you can see this charity is providing a vital service, enabling terminally ill children and their families make the most of the precious time they have left together.  So please help us help Jessie May by supporting us as much as you can.  More details to follow so watch this space……

Posted on:: 25 March 2014  |  Posted by:: Annabel