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Secret Santa Gift Ideas


Secret Santa always poses the same problem: What to get for someone you probably don’t know that well.


Take Steve from the office for example. What does Steve want? You certainly can’t get him something meaningful, you don’t know him that well. It would be weird. And if you did get him something thoughtful Steve will wonder how you knew that about him… and that would be weird. You also can’t get him something funny and ‘crazy’ because, as we’ve said before, you don’t know him that well (you see the pattern).


Secret Santa ideas that are straight down the line, normal and thoughtful are hard items to find.


Luckily, we've teamed up with The Bristol Shop to give you some home grown inspiration. All items listed below are made, produced or originate from Bristol based companies, and are at a Secret Santa friendly price.


Maybe there is something for Steve here?...


Shop Local for Secret Santa


Bristol Typo Graphic Mug

by Susan Taylor Art

Cycling Adventure Screen Printed Tea Towel 

by Boodle

Illustrated Bristol Map

by Naomi Wilkinson

Laser Cut Acorn Earrings

by Jenny Mackendrick

Cest La Vie Vintage Ladies Bangle

by Elsie Belle

Lucky Dice Cufflinks

by Charlie Boots




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Posted on:: 6 January 2014  |  Posted by:: Hugh