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Friends of Alalay

Friends of Alalay - Helping Bolivian Children Help Themselves

Friends of Alalay is a Bristol based charity which was founded by Annie Syrett in 2006.


After visiting Bolivia as part of her degree course, Annie realised that a great deal of the children in Bolivia were being forced to steal or beg for their food in order to survive.


Annie was also appalled at the conditions within which Bolivia's school teachers and volunteers worked in.


Determined to create a more promising life for the children she met and helped, Annie set out a mission to support the Bolivian street children, not simply through donations, but by educating them in ways they can support themselves.


Clifton Hotels are proud to be supporting this small, yet crucial charity, for the following 12 months.


Find out our Upcoming Events and how You can Donate Now to Friends of Alalay!