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Our philosophy is individuality.

Located in the cosmopolitan area of Clifton in the centre of Bristol, all of our hotels have their own character and style. Our aim is to fulfil every guest's needs, budget and personality.


To help you decide where to stay, we have grouped our accommodation into Club, Café and City hotels.

Our design and art led Club category provides contemporary sophistication with top standards and innovation through all operations. Guests have access to a private member's club with Lounge, Dining Room, Lower Deck and Terrace along with excellent food and spectacular cocktails. Enjoy regular events, showings of new art work, or settle into a relaxed meal and a good movie in the comfort of your room.


Our Café hotels have a lively, informal, atmosphere with a dynamic restaurant and bar. The accommodation provides well equipped rooms with the latest technology. Have fun discovering various areas inside and outside the hotel to snack, surf the net, try out the latest new drink or simply relax.


Our increasingly popular City category focuses on the provision of simple, quality accommodation that meets a budget. City hotels are outstanding good value and boast convenient locations and services.


Choose whatever type of accommodation most suits your desires. Whichever hotel you stay in, you will receive the same warm and efficient service - and we will do all we can to make your stay memorable.